Teeth Whitening Systems

Teeth whitening is never permanent, not even a professional treatment provided by dentists. Beconfident’s gentle treatment delivers results after 2-4 treatments and the results last about 6-8 weeks, afterwards you can treat as needed. What exactly makes your teeth whiter? Here are our three different teeth whitening systems:

1. Beconfident Start Kit / Refill with gel and trays (32% Sodium Bicarboante Gel in Tube for 10 days treatment):

There are several active ingredients that all work together. One of the active ingredients is Sodium bicarbonate. For the gel will work effectively, it must first penetrate the teeth. This is crucial for a good result and Beconfident’s unique gel is quickly absorbed by the enamel and dentin. Bleaching gel appears here with an enzyme found naturally in the saliva that releases oxygen which bleaches both enamel and dentin. It is the same procedure in our refills.


2. Beconfident Dual Foam tooth foam (Step 1 and 2 for 21 days only 5-6 minutes a day instead of tooth brushing):

The easiest way to describe how the Dual Foam Whitening works is to compare with an advanced detergent sodium coco sulfate. Unlike other toothpastes, which only remove surface dirt stains as Dual Foam goes into depth. In order for something to fade, the surface is penetrated, which is something normal toothpastes does not do.

Dual Foam is liquid and is thickened only with oxygen, which allows the tooth to pass through the active substances, the bleaching process is started, therefore, promptly. To bleach to penetrate requires extremely clean enamel, because the treatment is performed in two steps with the cleaning and thereafter bleaching. Both processes take place quickly and easily done with the toothbrush.


3. Beconfident Premium Kit with gel and trays (Dual Boostx2 Gel in Syringe, 14 days treatment) :

Within the first few minutes of application, the Dual Boost gel first employs patented detergent technology (derived from coconuts) that lifts stains off of teeth rapidly, without pain and without damage to teeth. The detergent technology creates negatively charged

ionic foaming bubbles that work via ionic attraction to lifts stain molecules away from teeth and also reduce teeth sensitivity associated with typical bleaching gels that dentists use.

The product also has special sodium bicarbonate whiteners, solvents and wetting agents that that penetrate rapidly into teeth, and creates a second wave of whitening activity that begins to work after 8 minutes. The end user effectively receives two boosts of whitening activity, each time the gel is applied and this makes the product very efficient.

Treatment goes on until you are satisfied but can last up to 14 days.