Superior technology

In order to deliver state of the art products, we have chosen to only work with the best suppliers. All our products are developed and manufactured in USA. We believe that safe and thoroughly tested products give our customers the best experience. We don’t believe in compromising. What’s more, we re-control our products in Sweden.

Beconfident® Teeth Whitening System

Beconfident® Teeth Whitening Gels contain natural components and a proprietary mix of natural plant enzymes in a neutral pH gel that whiten teeth without harmful hydrogen peroxide. Unlike most teeth whitening gels that rely on an oxygen free radicals (O•) to cause the whitening effect, our patented process uses carbonate free radicals (CO•) to accomplish the same result.

In fact, dentists have been recommending sodium bicarbonate for more than 3 years as the best way to safely and remove stain from teeth. Beconfident lead the market but follow the customer who wants safe products. Our process takes the process to the next level by introducing enzymes and natural plant extracts to cause the baking soda to break down in a certain way to be most effective at removing the stains from teeth enamel.

The sodium bicarbonate is the molecule that releases the CO• Free Radicals. Free radicals are released when salivary alkaline phosphatase (an enzyme from saliva) combines with some of the natural extracts in the gel, causing the the sodium bicarbonate to break down to release the bleaching radical (CO•) and natural salts.

Carbonate free radicals are not considered to be harmful and they whiten teeth in a gentle process without any sensitivity or pain. The teeth whitening results typically last between 6 months to one year, and the process can be repeated on a monthly basis, because there are no known harmful effects on the oral tissues or enamel.

How Beconfident® Teeth Whitening System works

The 32% Sodium Bicarbonate formula is the molecule that releases the CO- Free Radicals that actually cause the bleaching of teeth. The free radicals are released when salivary alkaline phosphatase (an enzyme from saliva) combines with some of the natural vegetable extracts in the gel, causing the the sodium bicarbonate to break down to release the bleaching radical (CO-) and natural salts.

Peroxide free systems

By offering teeth whitening products that are free of peroxides, we give the consumer an opportunity to have a beautiful white smile without unpleasant side effects like aching, etc. Even without peroxide, our products are very effective and easy to use. Dealers can now offer customers a whole new way to whiten their teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide

Our hydrogen peroxide products are for professional use and are only distributed through certified channels and non-regulated markets. All products are manufactured in USA in accordance with all regulations. If you want to offer our high quality teeth whitening products, please contact our Head of Retail business at

Other oral products

BeconfiDent’s range of oral care products consist of, for example toothpastes and a whitening mouth rinse. Our goal is to always offer the latest in dentistry. All products are approved and well tested. In addition, BeconfiDent offers mouth guards. Bruxism is a common problem that causes severe jaw pain. BeconfiDent’s SleepRight mouth guard is the bestselling mouth tray in Sweden and has helped over 10,000 people wake up free from headaches and pain.

Questions and answers

Q: What is the biggest benefit of using peroxide free products?

The biggest benefits of using non-peroxide bleaching products are that they are very safe to use, they are legal for home use and they provide a gentle method of whitening teeth without risk of harm to teeth enamel or gums. Even people who are very sensitive to peroxide, and have previously experienced pain or sensitivity using traditional whitening products, can use our non-peroxide whitening products without any risk of discomfort.

Q: Is there any side effects from Non peroxide products?

There are no expected side effects, unless you are allergic to certain ingredients. Unlike many other whitening products, NO SENSITIVITY was experienced by any subjects that we tested in our clinical studies.

Q: What result can I expect?

Our patented non-peroxide teeth whitening products have the ability to deliver the same whitening benefits as products containing peroxide.  However because the whitening agent we use is more gentle and safer, it will take some extra time to achieve the equivalent results.  Specifically, you can expect to achieve at least 4 to 6 shades of whitening benefit whining use our Dual Foam Teeth Whitening System within 3 weeks. Our gels work even faster.

Q: Can I protect my teeth from stains after a treatment?

The best way to protect your teeth from future staining after a whitening treatment is to use our new Whitamin and Shine Toothpaste (formerly called Tooth Gloss). This patented product removes stains by using special detergents, and protects teeth from future stain by coating your teeth with a special wax that prevents stains from absorbing into teeth enamel. Whitamin and Shine Toothpaste also gives your teeth a high gloss finish, make you teeth appear to be their whitest.