Acne & Skin Care Systems

In a quest for timeless beauty and infinite luxury, Beconfident went beyond ordinary skincare to create exquisite creams, serums and treatments and all perform with unparalleled refinement and results. This commitment to exceptional skincare means that all products are designed and produced in Sweden. Experience the promise of timeless beauty.

Acne will never disappear to 100% – it is always latent in your body. Our Acne systems reduces acne and strengthens your skin comfortably without drying the skin, but moisturizing.This is how it works: Beconfident’s gentle treatment delivers results after 4-8 weeks and we advice to continue to use our Reduce for 1-2 years from the initial first application to strengthen the skin.

Beconfident Acne Start Kit (Gel and Cream for approx. 6 weeks application):

Start with a clean skin

Step 1) Apply Acne Prepare, where the active substance is Lactoperoxidase from Bovine Colostrum (raw milk). Lactoperoxidase is also a natural substance in the body, which can be found in small amounts in the gastro intestines by bacterial formation, and in high amount in the breast milk after birth.



The cream is topically applied on the facial skin. This will clean the Acne infection from the bacteria which always is part in the Acne development i.e. Acne Propionus, Staphylococcus Aureus and sometimes Streptococci.

Step 2) When the Acne Prepare gel has dried, which takes 2-3 minutes, a second cream is applied, Acne Reduce. This cream has mainly two active substances: concentrated Immunoglobulins from Bovine Colostrum (IgG) and A-vitamin.

The IgG gives a prolonged action against bacterial growth in the Acne spots, pores and hair follicles. Vitamin A is a water solution and penetrates the skin. It helps to relieve the symptoms of Acne. The Acne Reduce cream also provides good skin protection before make-up is done

Step 3) To speed up treatment, healing and reduction of pimples, apply Acne Spot On. Thanks to the smart design, the Spot On pen can be brought with during the day and applied whenever necessary.