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maj 21, 2018 Discover The New X-Series

The first teeth whitening kit launch took place in 2011, now 7 years later Beconfident release their brand new serie with upgraded ingredients.

Dual Boost X2 Kit is a complete system to whiten your teeth at home fast, easy and gentle. It contains 10ml Dual Boostx2 gel which is used together with the thermoform mouth trays that are individually fitted with hot water. Within the first few minutes of application, the Dual Boost gel first employs patented detergent technology (derived from coconuts) that lifts stains off of teeth rapidly, without pain and without damage to teeth. The X2 Kit also contains a Tooth Gloss which is to be used after the teeth whitening for enamel protection and extra gloss.

 X3 Premium Kit is a complete system to whiten your teeth at home fast, easy and gentle. It contains 8 ml Peroxide Free Dual Boost Gel x2 + 8 ml 0,1% Peroxide Dual Boostx3 gel, which is used together with the thermoform mouth trays that are individually fitted using hot water.

Teeth Whitening Night Serum is a brand-new product developed by Beconfident. The serum repairs enamel and whitens teeth as you sleep. Due to the innovative formula, it helps to strengthen and fill micro-cracks in the enamel during the night as it simultaneously removes discolorations and tartar. The result: Repaired, strengthened and visibly whiter teeth with shiny surface. The product is brushed onto teeth after being cleaned in the evening, and then left onto teeth to work over night. The formula contains Hydroxyapatite which helps to repair enamel and strengthen the teeth. It will clean and whiten teeth gradually without any hard ingredients or side effects.

januari 29, 2018 Beconfident perfects Dual Boost formula

The well-formulated and patented Dual Boost gel has since it’s launch been a very successful product in terms of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The detergent technology creates negatively charged ionic foaming bubbles that work via ionic attraction to lifts stain molecules away from teeth and reduce teeth sensitivity associated with typical bleaching gels that dentists use. The product also has special sodium bicarbonate whiteners, solvents and wetting agents that that penetrate rapidly into teeth, and creates a second wave of whitening activity that begins to work after 8 minutes. The end user effectively receives two boosts of whitening activity, each time the gel is applied and this makes the product very efficient.

Beconfident® has developed a special “tooth detergent” gel that can be used to whiten teeth. Specifically, the Beconfident® Dual Boostx3 Teeth Whitening Gel uses both detergents to whiten teeth better and faster — using two different modes of activity that begin within minutes after application onto teeth.

As always we aim to perfect all formulas and we have added 0.1% Hydrogen Peroxide (which is allowed according to the EU-directives) as this gives the gel that one shade improvement for customers without getting any side effects what so ever.

New gel will launch in February 2018, available in our Premium X3 Kit and X3 Refill.

september 6, 2017 New Warehouse for Beconfident

TO PARTNERS & SUPPLIERS to Group Beconfident Europe AB
To better suit our demands our warehouse will move as from 1 September 2017 to new location at E-city / MILVUS in an excellent location just south of Ängelholm next to Highway E6. Total warehouse space are in the village is more than 77.000 m2 only aimed for European e-commerce.
Our E-commerce sites will soon also receive a refreshed ”look” with all new pictures taken during TV commercial shoting belonging  100% to Beconfident . You can see the TV commercials and Tutorials at
Looking forward to our future cooperation!

mars 1, 2017 Beconfident’s WhiteAmin® wins the Dental Innovation Prize

WhiteAmin® wins the yearly Dental care Innovation Prize in it’s category from the Swedish Newspaper Aftonbladet!

English translation: This year Dental product. ”Beconfident® WhiteAmin® – Tooth paste with vitamins that is absorbed by the gum and quickly distributed in your body, 2 things at the same time – more products should be like this”

You can read the Swedish article here!Whiteamin

oktober 17, 2016 Beconfident successfully took part at Kronans Apotek supplier fair

The 14th of October we exhibited our new products and skincare range for Kronans Apotek in Stockholm, Sweden. We had 600+ employees and people from Kronans who passed by our booth where we answered questions and debriefed about both our existing but also new range. Knowledge and education is key when working with offline partners. If their employees can answer questions from their customers they will be able to have a better turnover on the shelves.

Below are some pictures from the day. Big thank you to Kronan for organising yet again a great fair!




augusti 18, 2016 Dr. Martin Ginger leading expert in Teeth Whitening formulas

When it comes to Research & Development, Beconfident always pursues innovative and high-quality product development. We have since the start been working with Dr. Martin Ginger who is one independent expert who has dedicated his life to making these oral health products, and can answer any question in the industry.

This year he has also been hired by attorneys involved in important legal matters relating to the intellectual property of leading oral care companies, it cannot be disputed that Dr. Giniger has established himself as the world’s leading expert witness for the toothpaste and teeth whitening formulations industries.

Dr. Martin Giniger has been retained for more oral care products-related litigation than any other witness in the last four years. His services are provided equally to the Plaintiff and Defense for all matters, including those relating to toothpaste, teeth whitening and mouthwash formulations. He is the nation’s leading expert witness for all types of litigation, including intellectual property relating to toothpaste and teeth whitening products and dental injuries related to any type of dental malpractice. Dr. Giniger is also the only expert witness in the country with two doctorates and a specialty degree in oral medicine qualified to opine on the formulations of oral care products. Attorneys throughout the world count on Dr. Martin Giniger to inspect and report on his findings, and work with them through discovery, toward settlement or trial.

”I am extremely honored and truly grateful for the vote of confidence given to me by the world’s leaders in the oral care industry,” says Dr. Martin Giniger, President and CEO of Martin Giniger & Company. ”It means a lot to me, and it inspires me to be even more relentless in delivering an unmatched service for those clients who have hired me.”


juli 27, 2016 Beconfident Exhibits the new Acne – & Skincare assortment for the first time!

The launch will take place at the Swedish Pharmacy Exhibition in Stockholm between the 8-9th of September 2016 – It is the Nordic event for B2B meetings venue for people working with Pharmacies, Medicine and Health-Care.

This is a chance for Beconfident® to show the innovative range for the industry, make new contacts and build relations. We hope to contribute to the event by adding our fresh brand into the well-established pharmacy distribution channel, says board member and Dr. Hans Berglund.Picture1It is a milestone for us to be present to show and discuss our new Acne and Skincare products – we have worked 30 months to come to this point and our developer Professor Jan Wadstein has studied Acne since 1990 – so it is a lot of accumulated work which is behind our products on display says Beconfident partner Johan Ling-Vannerus.

We have a central location at the fair which we already booked and planned since 1 year ago – we are excited to go to this event and meet present customers to show the new products and of course to meet and make several new distribution agreements for the Beconfident dental and skincare ranges.

We also intend to pre-present our new TV commercials that are going to be showed during the autumn in the Nordic countries. To show fantastic products is one thing but we must also demonstrate that we are able to support our brand and drive traffic to Pharmacy stores all over the Nordic region. 2017 the plan is to also to expand into Continental Europe with our commercials.

juni 17, 2016 Beconfident movie stars goes to Hollywood?


Beconfident Movie Team

We have just finished two fantastic film days with professionals to realize our first Beconfident TV commercials – All participants where super happy and felt that the production was well completed.

The heroes of the film and all crew match our best ideals – all participants were positive, kind, friendly and showed great respect to each other.

The movie theme – we will not disclose here – but as you know Beconfident  likes all types of individuals – no matter your personal views, your sexual interest, your political standpoints or religious background – we like and sympathize with all honest people and all who respect each other in this world. We believe in honesty and respect every day, in every moment always. These values we cannot negotiate.

The movies will be distributed through various TV channels and YouTube – and the movies and tutorials will take an important part in our marketing plan for the autumn. Here you see the Film team from MECS AB all the movie stars and representatives from Beconfident.

maj 18, 2016 Beconfident commercial


Beconfident takes the next step in becoming even more viral !

We are currently working on a new video commercial that will be aired in Sweden and all around Europe. The production are held by Mecs that have a long experience in making creative commercials with feeling and style.

We will also be making some new media content for our products and the working mechanism behind them.

There are much to come on Beconfidents schedule! Stay tuned !

maj 13, 2016 Beconfident Benelux is now live

For the past two months we’ve been working hard on launching our first bilingual website –!

Belgium is a country in the heart of Europe and Brussels is often adressed as the capital of Europe. This is what made the market of 11 million people the obvious next step for Beconfident to enter. Belgium is divided into two parts – Flanders and Wallonia. One part being dutch speaking and the other french speaking. This is of course a challenge when building a website but we believe it looks as good as any of our others.

Next site to be launched will most likely be Holland. They will both be managed through our daughter company Beconfident Benelux S.P.R.L. We can also announce that both of these countries have partnered up with Tradetracker and hope for a very successful relationship!

You can visit our Belgian website here:


april 14, 2016 The connection beween oral hygien and general health

dentists instruments

Oral health is essential to general health and well-being at every stage of life. A healthy mouth enhances social interaction and promotes self-esteem and feelings of well-being. It also serves as a window, reflecting the rest of the body, providing signs of general health disorders. For example, pale and bleeding gums can be a marker for blood disorders, bone loss in the lower jaw can be an early indicator of skeletal osteoporosis, and changes in tooth appearance can indicate bulimia or anorexia.

Oral conditions affects on overall health and disease. An infected gum may cause bacteria from the mouth to spread, causing infection in other part of the body when the immune system has been compromised by disease or medical treatments. Systemic conditions and their treatments are also known to impact on oral health ( reduced saliva flow, altered balance of oral microorganisms.) This can for example be seen in patients treated with antidepressants or sleeping pills.

Periodontal disease has been associated with a number om systemic conditions. Through the biological interactions between oral conditions such as periodontal disease and other medical conditions are still not fully understood, it is clear that major chronic diseases – namely cancer and heart disease- share common risk factors with oral disease. Recognition that oral health and general health are interlinked is essential for determining appropriate oral health care programmes and strategies at both individual and community care levels.

Original article: Dental Health Foundation


mars 31, 2016 The beconfident working mechanism for safe teeth whitening

Working whitening mechanism


The Beconfident whitening effect comes partly from dissolution of stains on the surface of the tooth as well as oxidizing organic compounds causing discolorations deeper in the enamel and dentine.

The formulation consists of a combination of cleaning substances (surfactants, Surface Active Agents) and actively whitening free carbonates released from the gel ingredient 32% Sodium Bicarbonate. Contrary to whitening products containing Hydrogen Peroxide, that can cause irritation and pain, our active ingredients are gentle and free from any negative side effects.

The initial effect comes from the cleaning ingredients during the first two minutes of contact between the gel and the tooth surface. The surfactants lower the surface tension and binds chemically to the stains while lifting them away from the tooth. This process paves the way for the second phase and the temperature in the gel increases due to the body heat. The increased temperature together with the naturally occurring enzyme in the saliva – alkaline phosphatase – splits the Sodium Bicarbonate and forms free carbonates. The free carbonates oxidizes – dissolves – the organic discolorations within the enamel and dentine.

These processes in combination are patented (US 8580232 B2) and the reason behind Beconfidents unique whitening effect.

The same working mechanism can be found in the following products in the Beconfident Whitening System. The products also contain 0,05% Sodium Fluoride in order to remineralize the enamel.

1. Teeth Whitening Start Kit
2. Teeth Whitening Refill
3. Teeth Whitening Touch up cleaning pen

In the Beconfident Dual Boost Whitening Gel the first phase has a stronger cleaning action through Sodium Coco Sulphate. This ingredient can also be found in Beconfident Dual Foam.

februari 29, 2016 Working mechanism for Acne & Skin Care System

Working mechanism Acne Products

The Beconfident Acne System attacks the acne problem in two ways. First of all through the reduction of the common acne bacteria Propionebacterium acne and Staphylococcus aureus. Secondly by building the strength and elasticity of the skin, which helps to prevent but also relieve symptoms of any future active acne. Unlike most methods on the market that contain salicylic acid, Beconfidents products act with ingredients that will not dry out the skin or give other uncomfortable side effects.

Both Acne Prepare and Acne Reduce contain substances extracted from Bovine Colostrum – Natural raw milk. Prepare includes lactoperoxidase which is an enzyme with very strong antibacterial properties. This enzyme effectively reduces the acne bacteria. These bacteria are normally found on the skin but effectively reducing them will minimize the symptoms of acne. Acne Reduce contains large amounts of IgG (immunoglobolin G) which is also extracted from colostrum and will together with conjugated vitamin A improve skin quality. IgG has an anti-bacterial effect and helps to balance the skin’s bacterial flora.

Collagen helps to build the skin’s thickness and elasticity, but when the degradation of collagen is greater than the production the skin will become thinner and more sensitive. Conjugated Vitamin A in Acne Reduce has a very good ability to penetrate the skin cells and also promote the growth of collagen but also reduce its degradation. The improved quality of the skin effectively contributes to the long-term resilience to new acne attacks.

In an active acne phase Acne Prepare + Acne Reduce work in parallel to relieve symptoms in the short term and strengthen the skin’s own resistance in the long term. When the active phase subsides and there are clear signs of improvement, usually after 4-6 weeks, we recommend continued use of only Acne Reduce. At the next active phase combine again the two formulations as directed. It is important to complete the full course of treatment for 4-6 weeks for best long term results


Summary of Clinical Study for Acne – Bonde

20 patients, 7 men and 13 women, with an average age of 22,2 year followed a treatment for 3 weeks; 15 of these continued the treatment for an additional 3 weeks. Papulae, postules and cysts in the face was measured before and after 3 and 6 weeks of treatment. The face was cleansed using a mild neutral wash, after which FInito B with IgG was applied. This was repeated twice per day, morning and evening.

The total amount of Papulae was reduced from 328 to 235 (3 weeks) and to 121 (6 weeks); amount of postules reduced from 48 to 21 (3 weeks) and 11 (6 weeks); cysts from 1 to 0 (3 and 6 weeks). These differences were statistically significant. An interesting finding during the treatment period was that new papulae/postulae that appeared during this time were significantly fewer and milder. They also disappeared quicker. No side-effects were noticed except for a slight redness during the first days of treatment.

Beconfident Skin Care mechanisms – Better than you ever can expect.

sandbildBeconfident Cleanser Antioxidant

Beconfidents Antioxidant Cleanser is a gentle, low foaming gel cleanser that removes dirt and impurities without drying out or straining the skin. It contains organic witch hazel water and Aloe Vera that works soothing and moisturizing. Both are ingredients that have great advantages on sensitive skin and especially Aloe Vera which is very good if you have damaged skin from ultraviolet radiation. Cleanser

Antioxidants also has organic green tea extracts containing EGCG (Polyphenol Epigallocatechin-3 gallate) which reduces swelling, redness and the breakdown of collagen.

Beconfident Revitalizing Boost Serum

Revitalizing Boost Serum contains 1.68% Hylasome® EC 10 which is a non-animal hyaluronic acid that binds water 50 times more than ordinary hyaluronic acid and is 5 times more moisturizing after 24 hours. It also contains Panthenol, which in contact with skin transforms into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Pantothenic acid works moisturizing by adding water to the cells in on a deeper level in the skin. Clinical research has also shown that it is not only hydrating, but has an anti-inflammatory function and can relieve itching and help to soothe a dry and irritated skin.

Just as Cleanser Antioxidant, Revitalizing Boost Serum also contains organic green tea extract but also Superox-C that is derived from Kadadu plum is known as a super fruit. Superox-C helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even out the skin tone thanks to the very high content of vitamin C.

 Beconfident Stay Fresh Day Cream

Beconfident Stay Fresh Day Cream is a moisturizing day cream to be used after our Revitalising Boost Serum. Stay Fresh contains 4% Betaine that moisturizes the skin, making it stronger and more elastic and has anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains organic coconut and sunflower oil that naturally moisturizes the skin. Stay Fresh also contains conjugated vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) that improves the quality of the skin by stimulating production of collagen.

Beconfident Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Cream

Our Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Cream contains Hylasome® EC 10 which is a non-animal hyaluronic acid that binds water 50 times more than ordinary hyaluronic acid and is 5 times more moisturizing after 24 hours. Hyaluronic Anti-Ageing Cream contains caprylic / capric triglyceride derived from coconut oil and glycerin. These are softening and great repairing active ingredients. It has a mixture of fatty acids, which repairs the surface of the skin and prevents moisture loss as caprylic / capric triglyceride’s main task is to moisturize and “fill out” the skin. Just like all the other Beconfident skin care products it also contains organic green tea extract.

december 4, 2015 A new trademark

WhiteAmin logo (CMYK)

Beconfident is delighted to announce our latest trademark; WhiteAmin®. The registration of the WhiteAmin® trademark is part of our longterm goal to offer a genuine and unified brand strategy.

WhiteAmin® is Beconfidents own developed toothpaste. But it’s just not an ordinary toothpaste. WhiteAmin® is unique as it gently whitens and at the same time gives you a boost of vitamins. WhiteAmin® contains vitamin A, B6, C, and E. Now thats a unique toothpaste. Interested? Buy it here.


november 2, 2015 Beconfident presents two unique apps – the selfie just got a new meaning

Beconfident presents two unique apps to support you to get a better result of your whitening or Acne treatment – Beconfident Dental app and Beconfident Acne app.

With the Beconfident Dental and Acne App you can do the following:

  • Follow the result of your treatment
  • Get personal tips about issues related to a white smile and healthy skin
  • Get general information about whitening, acne and acne treatment
  • Get information about products and opportunity to order online

How it works

The purpose of the app is to support the user during his/her dental or skin treatment. All treatment takes time and the app will support and motivate the customer to complete the treatment as recommended. With Beconfident Apps the user can take a selfie and make a self-assessment of the whiteness and skin status. The selfie and a calculated value (dental & acne score), based on the self-assessment, are stored by the App. Our App will present previous selfies and dental & acne scores to make it possible for the user to follow the result of the treatment.

In Messagesthe user gets general information about dental & skin progress and personal information related to the profile data entered by the user. In Information the user will get information about dental & acne treatment in general. In Products the Beconfident Dental & Acne products are presented as well as other Beconfident skin care products with an opportunity to order online.

Unique Competitive Advantages

  • The only “self-treatment” support app in this field
  • Designed to increase treatment compliance
  • Selfies and self-assessment score indicates improvement progress
  • Provide guidance during the treatment

Skarmavbild 2015-11-02

september 27, 2015 Beconfident® updates Dental packaging

As a natural upgrade, Beconfident has decided to update the packaging of many dental products. Earlier, products such as Whiteamin, Tooth Gloss and Stay White has had only primary packaging

This has now been changed and they will come in a eight-language box with printed instructions and a operating manual. This will help Beconfident enter with these unique products to pharmacy chains around the globe. We have developed both the primary packaging (bottle/Tubes) and secondary packaging ( box/ displays) with a number of specific criteria in mind:

The Beconfident design is developed together with retail specialists to combine elements such as hygienic and consumer friendly packaging, environmental materials, clear brand design and last but not least a consumer friendly pack With easy to find all necessary information.

The bottles of these products have also been updated and will now have a cleaner, whiter look than before and will look united with the skincare range on the shelves. Please have a look on the new packaging style here:

Premium-kit_MR_EU NORTH_PACK_all


augusti 18, 2015 Beconfident® enters the skincare market – First market rolled out is the home country Sweden

Since 2 years back, Beconfident Group has been working on a new category project to focus on the development of worlds best skincare products. The company Beconfident Skin Care AB was founded together renowned Doctors Jan Wadstein and Olof Jarlman. Mårten Rignell & Tord Wingren. They have been researching for the past two decades at Lund University and specialized on acne prone skin.


Pre-Launch working session between Group Beconfident Europe AB and Beconfident Skincare AB


The Beconfident team from left to right: Founder and CEO Mattias Hultberg, Investor and board member Mats Dörring, Board member and Dr. Hans Berglund, NMD & Partner Johan Ling-Vannerus, Partner Tord Wingren, Partner Mårten Rignell and Dr. Olof Jarlman. Missing on the picture Professor Jan Wadstein and Beconfident Project leader Tiffany Ling-Vannerus.

Beconfident is the company that will launch these products to help young people reduce their signs of acne and to become more confident. For best product performance and customer satisfaction the company has developed application Apps. The intelligent Beconfident App is providing instant advice for dosage and application to achieve best final result. Available at App store and Google play.


Part of skincare range with best quality ingredients ever.

juli 3, 2015 The Beconfident range of mouth guards has helped many who suffers from teeth grinding or TMJ.

TMJ stands for the temporomandibular joint, which describes the two joints near the front of your ears where the upper and lower jaws connect. Damage occurs to the TMJ when the disc in the joint, the cushioning cartilage, slips out of position.
This will often cause pain, jaw locking or a clicking/grating noise when you open and close your mouth. It may even change the way your teeth bite together.

TMJ damage may be the result of clenching your jaw excessively or grinding your teeth (usually at night), or may be a consequence of breathing disturbances, night time disordered breathing or sleep apnoea. TMJ damage can also be caused by injuries to the head and neck region or arthritis. There is help, learn more about our mouth guards on our local websites.