Retail - We are seeking distribution partners in retail markets; Dentists Cliniques, Pharmacys, Beauty saloons, SPA´s and retail stores who are passionate about the business possibilities within oral care products and want to become true specialists. Our subsidiaries have a lot of experience in how to sell both online and in store and we are willing to offer this experience to you. Our range of products permits you to stand out and become one step ahead of the competition.
New Markets - If our products not yet have been sold in your geographical area this could maybe be an opportunity for you. Do not hesitate. If you you are willing to create a beconfident company together with us in a new market, please contact us. We only want to sell our products through our own trained and certified network of people. Looking forward to hear from you - become a member of our beconfident team.  
  • Group Beconfident Europe AB, c/o LRF Konsult, Tennisvägen 31,  SE-269 42  BÅSTAD, SWEDEN
  • Mobile office Phone +46-(0)702-56 50 00  E-mail:                  Order E-mail:
  • ***As from 1 st of September  2017– New Warehouse***  Information to all suppliers: We have moved to new modern warehouse facility just next to Highway E6 GROUP BECONFIDENT EUROPE AB

    c/o Dream Logistics / E-CITY, Produktionsvägen 10 A, Port: A06,  SE-262 78 ÄNGELHOLM

  • Direct Contact - please see below:
  • New market development & Retail: Johan Ling-Vannerus

    Direct phone: +46-(0)768-710 910 Email:, SKYPE: johan.ling.vannerus
  • Head of Group E-commerce/Online:  Tiffany Ling-Vannerus

    Direct phone: +32(0)468-14 33 07 Email: , SKYPE: tiffany.ling-vannerus
  • Pharmacy & Retail: DDS, Hans Berglund

    Direct phone: +46-(0)70-224 44 04 ,  SKYPE: hagebe
  • CFO: Thomas Folkeson

    Email: ,  SKYPE: thomas.folkeson